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Peter Van Rhijn

Peter Van Rhijn Peter has been a stock photographer for 30 years. His images of nature have been marketed and sold around the world, and he is an internationally recognized presenter of large-screen audio-visual shows featuring the Earth and Mother Nature.  Peter is an honourary lifetime member of the Mississauga and Don Mills Camera Clubs, an Associate of the New England Council of Camera Clubs and a member of the Fuji USA Talent Team.  His images have been included in countless publications world-wide and in many books celebrating the beauty in nature, including The Last Wilderness (edited by Freeman Patterson), Endangered Spaces (World Wildlife Fund), Islands of Hope (edited by Lori Labatt and Bruce Litteljohn), Romancing the Land (edited by Lorraine Monk) and Canada, These Things We Hold Dear, A Centennial Celebration (edited by Lorraine Monk.

Peter is based in Toronto and photographs extensively throughout North and South America, with occasional trips to Europe and Asia.

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