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Grambo Photography

Grambo Photography Glen and Rebecca Grambo are award-winning natural history photographers based in Warman, Saskatchewan, Canada in a small house filled with rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs and rats.  After surviving the cataloguing process in this menagerie, Grambo images have ventured out to appear in countless books and calendars in several countries, as well as in magazines including Canadian Geographic, Nature Canada, Equinox, Canadian Wildlife,  and Outdoor Life.  The covers of Canadian Geographic and Nature Canada have showcased their work.

When not photographing, Glen manages Don’s Photo in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (for you non-Canadians, that’s a city of approx. 250,000 people out in the middle of the prairies). Among other things, this allows him to field test all kinds of equipment, driving Rebecca to distraction with comparisons, problems and solutions.  Glen has turned down offers to be the national tech go-to guy for a major camera company and is frequently called by company reps for information on their products. He knows a LOT of stuff!

Rebecca is more of a “black box” photographer: “I don’t want to know how many pixels of edge sharpness I’m losing with this lens, I just want to take the #!@(^ photo!”  However, she is a Photoshop clean-up guru and has an emotional attachment to her Mac G5. Rebecca is the author of more than 20 natural history and science books for adults and children, also writes magazine articles, designs and markets needlework designs, and frequently complains that work is interfering with her gardening.  

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