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Claude Robidoux

Claude Robidoux I am a self taught photographer and my interest in photography started about 15 years ago. I am an outdoor enthusiast, I love hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing, or even just exploring new places by car.
I find inspiration in everything that the natural world has to offer, and have never been so inspired since I moved to BC 8 years ago. I am originaly from Montreal.
I also work on a passenger train for Via Rail Canada, which allows me to travel to Winnipeg in Manitoba, Jasper in Alberta, and Prince Rupert in Northern British Columbia. I have been able to capture some shots that can only be captured from the train, and once at my destination, I have time to explore new places and take more pictures.
So far I have been published in some  European magazines like Outdoor Photography, Photography Monthly and Practical Photography, the  BC tourism guide, and local newspapers. I also won third prize in Popular Photography Magazine last December with my image of the Sea lion at the Vancouver Aquarium.
I live in Maple Ridge with my wife Tami and my two daughters, Tula-Belle and Dahlia Grace.

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